Machine Attachments

Attachments for Hire across Greater Adelaide

As part of our comprehensive machine hire packages, Adelaide Plant Hire supplies a range of attachments for hire available on job sites of any size across Greater Adelaide. Our machine attachments enable us to support construction, rock works, material handling, pipeline trenching, concrete preparation, general excavation projects, and more. To order the right excavator attachments for your project, consult our friendly team today.


Get the machine attachments you need with your machine hire package.

Our Machine Attachment Range

Attachments for hire to support your next Adelaide project.

Rammer 255 Rock Breaker Attachment Hire

  • 1.7t - 3t Excavators only

Rammer 555 Rock Breaker Attachment Hire

  • 5t Excavator only
  • ​Self auto-greasing

Rammer 999 Rock Breaker Attachment Hire

  • 8t - 14t Excavators only
  • GPS detailed excavation, batter
  • Works & trenching
  • Self auto-greasing

Rammer 1533 Rock Breaker Attachment Hire

  • 15t - 25t Excavators only
  • Self auto-greasing
  • Ram data
  • GPS connection

Rammer 3288 Rock Breaker Attachment Hire

  • 30t - 40t Excavators only
  • Self auto-greasing
  • Ram data
  • GPS connection

Tilt Bucket Attachment Hire

Sieve Bucket Attachment Hire

Grab Bucket  Attachment Hire

  • 10t - 40t Excavators

Digga Auger Drive Attachment Hire

  • Available for all excavator sizes
  • Depth: 6m - 9m
  • Width: 300mm - 1200mm

Compaction Wheel Attachment Hire

Ripper Attachment Hire

Looking for quality machine attachments to support your next Adelaide project? Look no further. Adelaide Plant Hire’s friendly team can provide you with a custom quote and consultation services to ensure you get the most out of hiring with us. Just call us or fill out our online form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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