Two more stellar mini excavators for hire added to the APH range

Adelaide Plant Hire is always expanding our fleet to ensure we can service any project with the latest and greatest machines. We’d like to celebrate our newest additions by comparing which is right for your business. Introducing: our Sany and Hitachi excavators for hire. Read on to discover the perfect machine for you.

Our new Sany mini excavator for hire

The first new contender for your next project, the Sany mini excavator for hire, weighs in at just 1.8 tonnes. Don’t let this number fool you, though – this pocket rocket packs as much punch as it does delicacy in a tight-access job.

Being Tier 1 ready, mine spec, and compatible with a range of attachments, our Sany offers the versatility to service any project type. Whether you need under-house excavation completed fast and safely – or efficiency while top-loading trucks with overburden – you might be in the market for this small digger for rent.

We offer Sany mini excavator hire packages including the following attachments:

  • ​Tilt hitches
  • Rippers
  • Compaction wheels
  • Augers
  • 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, and 600mm buckets
  • Digging buckets
  • Trailers

Our new Hitachi excavator for hire

ust like our Sany mini excavator for hire, our Hitachi 1.7t excavator for hire is Tier 1 ready and mine spec. It even comes with the same range of attachments. But if you can bear a tenth of a tonne less in operating weight, you can get so much more in the latest construction technology.

Our Hitachi features top-of-the-line tech that improves operator safety, efficiency, and quality of work. Some new and improved Hitachi solutions include adjustable tracks, wedge style couplers, and efficient hydraulic system. But the cherry on top is our height limiter.

Why would you need a height limiter?

Our Sany and Hitachi mini excavators for hire are pretty similar in their capabilities, except for one thing. This beauty has got a height limiter. But what does that even mean?

A height limiter allows a machine operator to set the maximum height that our excavator will reach. It can be set to just below the height of a nearby powerline, tunnel ceiling, or other critical infrastructure that would damage the excavator, get damaged itself, or put an operator in danger.

Height limiters are becoming increasingly important not just for ensuring site safety, but for proving to stakeholders that you’re proactive in doing so. Civil and council projects may require your mini excavator hire contract to include details on how you’ll stay safe on site – so noting that you’re using height limiters can give you a competitive advantage in winning a job.

Our advice: get a full-service mini excavator hire package

Let’s be honest - this isn’t really a battle between our two mini excavators for hire. At APH, we’re proud of growing our fleet because we’re proud of meeting our customers’ needs with more than just single machine hire. Our Sany and Hitachi excavators for hire are the perfect support machines: a welcome inclusion into a range dedicated to comprehensively servicing projects of any size.

If you’re planning a Tier 1 civil, commercial, or mining project, just contact our friendly team. We’ll talk through the requirements of your project and advise you on the best way forward – whether that’s single mini excavator hire or a multi-machine contract featuring these stellar diggers.

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Looking for mini excavator hire elsewhere in Australia? Our partner company, AUSDIG, might be able to help. Learn more here.

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